Doreen Hore 1925 - 2016

    Doreen was a founder member of the society and was Vice-Chairman for many years and Chairman in the 1990s. Over many years she drew the Society's posters having studied Art at King College. They are well remembered as exquisite drawings.  Despite being a very busy lady she managed to find time to transport members to meeting both of the Society and ANLHS (Association of Northumberland Local History Society).She once put a mugger to flight with a formidable response.  Her house in Fawdon, which she lived in most of her life, was full of books and historical documents. Even in her 90s she managed to attend our meeting and was full of praise for the new commitee members.  She was much admired and will be greatly missed.

    Peter Nicol and Peter Byrne

    Dr Constance Mary Fraser.  27 May 1928 - 4 June 2013

    Dr Fraser was the founder and President of Fawdon and  Coxlodge Local History Society - as it was when set up - and attended committee meeting on a regular basis to give her support and advice.  She chaired our AGM as often as she could.Constance was a scholar, tutor and internationally recognised expert on medieval history working as a Staff Tutor for Newcastle upon Tyne universities  She published many books, manuscripts and articles as well as editing Tyne and Tweed - the annual journal of ANLHS - over three separate periods. One of her hobbies was to providing a library service to her "old folks" most of whom were younger than her! My wife and I first met her more than 15 years ago and we became good friends dining out on a regular basis.  We shall miss her friendship, particularly her humour and extensive knowledge.                Peter Nicol 

    I first met Dr Fraser in 1986 when I joined a university outreach class at St Mary’s Church, Fawdon.  The group had already produced one magazine and we worked on another.  She introduced us to the wider world of local history and we attended the AGM of the ANLHS.  I wrote an article on the use of dowsing to find hidden foundations of old buildings.  A year later, in September 1987, we started the Fawdon and Coxlodge Local History Society with an inaugural meeting at the Star Centre, Jubilee Road. For more than two decades as our President Dr Fraser gave us wise guidance regarding running the society. With increasing ill health her activities reduced until she was compelled to end her involvement.  I am extremely grateful for the support she gave in allowing us to develop into a flourishing society.        

    Peter Byrne

    Outreach and the late Dr C M Fraser                                 by Doreen Hore (edited)

    Following the moving Memorial service at Holy Saviour’s Church, Tynemouth for Constance Mary Fraser who died June 4th 2013, we, the surviving founder members of her original study group that became the Fawdon & Coxlodge Local History society, wish to pay tribute to her.Essentially the Society was her baby that she nursed to maturity.  Happily it still continues. Initially 8 of us met at St Mary’s Church, Fawdon, in 198* as a Newcastle University Outreach Project.  Oral historian Kathy Price arrived to tell us to record the old people in care homes. But we protested “we are those ancient natives who wish to find our history and write it down”. The university sent Dr Fraser to tutor us in research.  Thus we encountered Census forms, ancient maps, mining records, etc, when archives were at Melton Park.  She led us at speed on summer visits to the Quayside, Berwick, York, Rosslyn Chapel etcDr Faser’s expertise and connections were invaluable when we became the steering committee to form the LHS in 198*.  She had slides made from our old photos that became the nucleus of the slide shows that Millie Walker and I took round the district and to other societies.  We were regularly invited to tell school children about their heritage; how their lives contrasted with Pit lads working conditions in 1841.  Sometime we accompanied classes to Beamish Museum, in costume, to explain what life was like then.Our Christmas talks were enhanced by her contributions of excellent mince pies.  She was much missed when she resigned and we shall always remember guidance with gratitude and friendship.